Arcane Saga Online


The world of Prius is searching for the chosen one


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Arcane Saga Online is a massive multiplayer role-player, set in the world of Prius, a place cursed by the wrath of the King of the Gods, and that has been waiting generations to be freed by the chosen one. The chosen one, of course, could be you.

Players can create their character from scratch by choosing from four different races, these differ from the races traditionally found in these games completely. Nothing of elves, orcs, dwarves or humans here, instead you find four totally unique breeds. Then players will have to choose from one of the seven classes available, and customize your 'soul mate', a spirit that will accompany you at all times through the game.

Once you begin to play you find the usual stuff you get in any MMORPG: a huge open world to explore, dozens of NPCs with useful information for the player, lots of 'quests', each differing slightly from each other, that ask you to recover artefacts or kill enemies, and of course, hundreds of enemies ready to be killed and give you experience and objects.

What sets Arcane Saga Online apart is the class system and combos. This system will enable us to continue picking new classes as you go through the levels, and incorporate their skills to your list of combos. In this way we can customize our attacks to levels rarely seen in the genre.

Arcane Saga Online is a really well realised MMORPG: it has very good graphics, a more than decent soundtrack and a dynamic combat system that goes beyond constantly clicking on some icons.
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